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Pavilion of Shifting Paths


Figure Design: Jie Lu

Pavilion of shifting paths is an architecture mapping performance and installation telling the story of the Quanyechang department store in Beijing. The performance took place as an opening event of the Daishilar Pilots of the Beijing Design Week 2016.

Seemingly motionless high columns and glass ceilings of the Quanyechang are the silent witnesses to a long-gone past. They dream of the old days when the palace was filled with brightly coloured merchandise, endless rows of products, enchanting and mesmerising. People would flock here to shop for the shiny new wares, watch an opera in the New Heaven theatre, play billiards or simply walk around and succumb to the vibrant atmosphere of the former department store.

Pavillion of shifting paths seeks to revive the magnificent story of the Quanyechang and pay tribute to its status not only as an important historical building in the heart of Beijing, but also as the site of city’s collective cultural memory. Through two site-specific installations, a video-mapping projection on the northern facade and a sound installation inside, this place of wonders can find its voice again. Visitors are invited to go on a journey of discovery through time, where fleeting images and long-forgotten sounds combine with the unique architectural features of the building in sophisticated story-telling, creating an immersive and at the same time intimate experience. The video projection on the facade merges classical and contemporary aesthetics to revive the images of the past, and highlight the monumental architectural structure.


Quelle: https://goechospace.com/