© 2015 Jie Lu. All rights reserved.

Ginko & Kinko


Entstehungsjahr: 2015
Länge: 00:04:58
Technik: Legetrick

ANIMATOR : Jie Lu & Pauline Flory
BACKGROUND DESIGN : Jie Lu & Diana Menestrey
VOICE OF GINKO & KINKO : Alexander Swienty
MUSIC : Mario Nyéky & The Road
VOCAL : Mario Nyéky
GUITAR : Mario Nyéky
CONTRABASS : Pierce Black
SOUNDDESIGN & MIX : Judith Nordbrock


  • 62. internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2016 - NRW COMPETITION
  • a long week short films - Shanghai
  • 33rd Tehran international short film festival - international main competition


Once there was a village quiet and peaceful on the border neath the mountains by the sea
There was the old man Ginko with his son a boy named Kinko livin like the water and the tree
One day all the neighbours came along and said to him „Your fine black mare ran off“
We’re so sorry for the loss, but Ginkos eyes, soft like moss „good or bad, you don’t know yet“

Neither the neighbours nor his son could unterstand the words he’d said in the twilight of the dawn
They came back late in the day, called him out’n yelled „Hurry, you’ve got to see who’s on your lawn“
There was his fine black mare with a stallion like the sun, burning grace bowed down
We’re so happy for you now, but Ginko smiled and raised a brow „Good or bad, you don’t know yet“

The next day was bright and warm when a neighbours boy came running back to Ginkos house to tell
That his son was in the forest, a brocken leg, head full of worries, he rode the stallion
and he fell from the bottom of my heart, I thank you little boy, now iI will take him home.
Kinko could not walk, for many months his mind grew dark, „good or bad, you don’t know yet“

Suddenly the land was attacked
By the bordering country
Without a word of waring or a cause
All the young men of the village
They were forced to prove their courage
On the frontline – the puppets of the claws

Still Kinko could not walk when they came to draft him in, he had to stay at home
But all the others had to pack, waved goodbye, never came back
A lucky one, was Ginko and his son